Cyprus sex romp couple
Cyprus sex romp couple
Cyprus sex romp couple
Cyprus sex romp couple
Cyprus sex romp couple
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Duncen Disorderly - 4th April 2011 - 16:02
I am livid. We live less than a 100m away from the house were this 'party' took place and apart from having to listen to the loud music and people's laughter all night - we didn't get an invite !
Posted by:
Spike's Missus - 4th April 2011 - 17:23
We went to the party but, we didn't see or, hear, any of this going on. I'm shocked !
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Cyprus sex romp couple
Cyprus sex romp couple
'Ultra' transparent frog discovered in Cyprus
$100,000 US Dollar reward for finding the 'ultra' transparent frog !
The frog, a freak of nature, is believed to be the result of a genetic mutation in the small green tree frog ( Hyla savignyi or, Hyla arborea )
Scientists believe that the gene that is usually responsible for the development of the frog's skin has somehow been replaced with the gene that determines the development of the frog's eye lenses which are transparent. The result is an 'ultra' transparent frog.
Click on this link to read more about the 'ultra' transparent frog - Funny Cyprus
Cyprus sex romp couple

Bitter Divorce hearing for British Couple

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the people concerned.
Mr. and Mrs. 'A', a British couple living in Cyprus, recently returned to the UK to live separate lives with their dream - living an early retirement in Cyprus - shattered !
A broken-hearted 'Brenda' sobbed as she described the events of that fateful day...
"It was just another normal day. We finished having our breakfast on the terrace and 'Brian' went to switch on the computer to check our emails. I was loading the crockery into the dishwasher and that's when the phone rang. The phone was on charge in the kitchen so, I answered it."
'Brenda' choked back the tears and went on to explain that the phone call was from their friend who was calling to make sure that they were going to attend her Fancy Dress Party that evening.
"She was worried that we weren't going to go to the party because she knew that my brother 'Peter', who was stationed in Cyprus in the 70's, was flying back to the UK at 4am the next morning. He had been visiting Cyprus to meet up with some of his old army mates who were having a re-union and were staying at a nice hotel in the town center."
'Brenda' assured her friend that everything was OK. It was Peter's last night in Cyprus, and, because of the early flight, he had decided to have a quiet night watching TV in his hotel room.
They chatted for a while and 'Brenda' confirmed that they had collected their costumes the previous day and assured her that they were going to attend the party. They both laughed as she went on to explain that 'Brian' was going as one of the Teletubbies (Tinky Winky) and that, she had chosen her costume in secret - as a surprise for 'Brian'.
"That day was like any other day on the beautiful island of Cyprus" reminisced 'Brenda'. "The sky was clear, the sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze blowing down from the mountain."
"At about 2 o-clock, we decided to go down to one of our favourite little bars for some lunch. We tidied ourselves up, locked up the house and set off on foot towards the bar. As we dawdled down the lane towards the sea, I remember 'Brian' commenting about the strong but, quite beautiful, aroma of Jasmin in the air - it was so romantic."
"At lunch-time, the bar serves an assortment of freshly prepared meze with a crisp, green salad. We sat by the sea and enjoyed an exsquisite lunch. I'm afraid that I had a glass or, two, of red wine (too many) but, I wasn't worried, because I knew that my head would clear on the walk back from the bar. How wrong was I ? By the time we arrived home, I had a splitting head-ache !"
"I was just too ill to go to the party so, I asked 'Brian' whether he would go by himself. He didn't want to and said that we should telephone to explain what had happened and apologise, but in the end, we both agreed, that, because of the assurances that I had given earlier in the day, we didn't want to let our friends down and that, 'Brian' should go alone."
"I left 'Brian' examining his costume, took some pain killers, and went to bed."
"I awoke to find that my head-ache had gone completely. I checked the time and it was only 8pm so, I decided to get ready and go to the party. I 'donned' my costume and set off. It was only a short walk down the lane to our friend's house and I could hear the music and laughter as I approached the party. As I got nearer to the house, I could see Tinky-Winky's shadow (dancing the night away) through the drawn curtains. As 'Brian' wasn't expecting me to be at the party, hadn't seen my costume and therefore, wouldn't know who I was, I decided to have some fun by watching what he got up to whilst I wasn't with him."
"When I got inside, I was shocked to see that one-by-one, 'Brian' (Tinky-Winky), was dancing his way round the room with every single woman at the party. His hands were all over the place! I wondered just how far he would go ! It didn't take long for me attract his attention in the tight-fitting, cat-woman suit and mask that I had rented as a special treat for him ! I didn't speak, because I didn't want to give the game away. He immediately grabbed my bum with both hands and danced with me seductively. Initially, I was so, angry - I still don't know how I stopped myself from screaming at him."
"It didn't take long for him to take me by the hand and make a gesture towards the darkened terrace at the back of the house. As he led me off the dance floor, I remember wondering just how far my (faithful husband) 'Brian' might go and decided to test him to see. Afterall, he is my husband and so, I'm not doing anything wrong !"
"My feet had barely touched the terrace before (faithful husband) 'Brian' had pressed me against the wall, dropped the bottom half of his Tinky-Winky costume, removed the tight fitting leggings from my cat-woman outfit and was making mad-passionate love to me. When it was over, I just couldn't speak, I was so upset, how could 'Brian' cheat on me like this ? I pushed 'Brian' to one side, grabbed my leggings and stormed off the terrace."
"On the walk home, I experienced a mix of emotions, I remember thinking that the only thing that had saved my dignity was the fact that I had managed to keep my mask in place but, how was I going to deal with my cheating husband ?"
"I decided to sit up and read a book in bed and wait for him to get home. When he arrived, I asked him whether it was a good party and whether he had enjoyed himself ?"
He said, "Well, you know how it is darling, I never have a good time when you're not with me."
So, I asked him. "Did you have a dance at all ?"
He replied, "Do you know, I didn't have a single dance. When I got there, John, Mike and a few others wanted to watch the live football game so, we went down to the local bar to watch it."
"Did you really" I said with unashamed sarcasm. "You must have looked really silly watching the football in that Tinky-Winky outfit."
"Don't be daft, I didn't want to go to the party by myself so, I picked your brother 'Pete' up on the way, and as you know, he's not into football so, he wore the outfit to the party and apparently, he had a whale of a time !"
The case continues...
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